la Cumbre del poema de Gabriela Mistral

Mountains aren't just funny.. they're hill areas

^^^^This is peak humor people! ^^^^

The poem “Summit” by Gabriela Mistral was a very confusing and thought provoking one. It took much re-reading and analyzation for me to be able to even begin to understand it. I have yet to capture the full essence of the poem. I can tell it is a very deep and meaningful one, but I shall try to unravel it. In this poem, the speaker’s relationship to the natural world seems to be one filled with grief, longing, and hurt. The poem evokes feeling of deep sorrow. The speaker’s relationship to the natural world does not seem to be similar to Abram’s. The natural world plays a very prominent role in the poem as it directly influences the speaker’s emotional responses. The aspects of nature that are expressed in the poem are evening, sunset, mountains, and valleys. It seems as though the sunset is a symbol for blood. The evening hours are the last hours of the day. The day is slowly loosing light and therefore life as the sun sets. Lack of light and life draws out the presence of darkness and death.The poem expresses a betrayed and abandoned woman as “an anguished woman is loosing..the only breast she ever clung to”.  There is a sense of loss and death in that line. The woman has become a victim of the evening hour. As the speaker questions, “am I the one who plunges the summit into crimson?”, she acknowledges a somber acceptance of the suffering life entails. She expresses internal anguish and despair that are interconnected to the “bloodstained peak” of the mountain.